Hello People!

My name is Sonali Priya and I’m a software developer, working at LB Networks in United States.

This is me 🙂


I am passionate about web technology and love what I do. I have worked on different kinds of projects using open source web technologies, both professional and personal. I also have an interest in developing mobile apps, games, etc. I have a passion for learning new technologies and I always try to keep myself updated.

Apart from my profession, I also have an interest in traveling, photography and playing MMORPGs. I have a long list of places I would like to visit and try new things there. This world is full of wonders and I would like to explore it.

In this blog, you will find me sharing  my experiences about the places I traveled to, stories behind a photographs, some techie articles, links I follow, music/songs I like or just some random thoughts.

Hope you enjoy the content on my website I much as I do creating them. Feel free to leave comments or reach out to me for any suggestions that you might have.

– Sonali Priya