It’s been almost three months since I thought of getting rid of extra fat and work towards better abs. I joined gym and started to workout every alternate day. But lack of motivation and my finger injury (which happened 7 years ago, while playing basketball) led me to quit it within one month. There was no change in fat% with whatever I did during that time.

Now that I am back from a short vacation, I feel motivated again. On top of it, the day I came back, I received a video sent by my brother in which he was working out. It gave me huge boost. I got enough motivation to start acting on it.


I went to my all time favorite fitness site Darebee , and jumped right into their fitness programs. After scrolling a few times, I found a program which specifically focuses on abs, called “Total Abs“. The best part is, this program doesn’t require use of weight or gym training. Which means I don’t have to worry about my finger. The program also recommends that for better results it can be combined with ab specific diet plan – “Ab Diet” and another high intensity workout program, which is also provided by them. Overall this entire combined program is of two months.

I am planning on following their diet plan as well. Hopefully I won’t give up this time and I expect to see some results too in a couple months.